The One NYFW Show Everyone Can’t Stop Talking About!

Philipp Plein Dominates The NYFW Runways With Robots, UFO’s and Migos?!

Year after year Philipp continues to push the envelope with his state of the art runway shows.

Philipp Plein is a German fashion designer that is taking the apparel world by storm with his revolutionary new age fashion shows. Plein recently outdid himself on the weekend with his most extravagant show we’ve seen yet, his space odyssey themed 2018 RTW fall presentation was a raging success. 

Although the show had more moving parts than we can begin to count, it went on perfectly without a hitch! Philipp transformed the Brooklyn Navy Yard into his own snowy galaxy for the Saturday evening show. 

The show began with a bulldozer pushing 3 large boulders out of the way to create a tunnel opening where two snowmobiles emerged from and continued to do a lap of the snow filled “runway”. Followed by a short but hype introduction from Migos , famous runway model Irina Shayk then walked off the ramp of  60 ft drop down door of the Phillipp Plein branded space ship that hovered down from the ceiling. 

But wait there’s more?

Trust me we couldn’t make this stuff up if we tried… Irina then pulls her space helmet off and finishes off  her walk with a life-sized transformers robot who then escorts her down the rest of the catwalk. All while Frank Sinatra’s “Fly Me To The Moon” played in the background just to give us one more thing to process…

At this point I’m thinking, who cares what the models come out wearing, my mind is already blown!

The show begins with upbeat music and Philipp’s roster of A-list male models included the sons of Shaquille O’Neal, Diddy and Snoop Dog strutting out from behind the ship sporting puffer jackets, sport hoodies and leather moto jackets. The female models dominated the runway as well in skin tight glittery bodysuits, sequined crop tops and flawless hair and makeup.

This show has definitely taken the cake for best Fall RTW 18 presentation at NYFW!


Word on the street is that this less than 10 min long show only cost him a mere $5 million dollars! (#nbd)

Stay tuned for more NYFW reviews!

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