It’s Tote-ally Purse-onal

We all have that one Tote Purse that carries your entire life in it. Complaining about how heavy it is while internally justifying every item inside and how it is absolutely essential to your daily survival.Commonly containing file folders, gym clothes, diapers or a compilation of all of the above, these over-sized handbags come in a variety of shapes,styles and colors. A recent study by the NPD Group reports that today’s average female consumer treats the purchase of her handbag almost as seriously as buying a car or house. 41 % even said they started thinking about their handbag purchases more than a month in advance of making them, taking into consideration personal preferencesĀ like style, fabric, color, functionality and of course infamous brand names.

Proving that Tote purse shopping is totally personal and no joke to today’sĀ female consumers!

I have linked an entire collection of tote purses of all, shapes, styles, prices and colors for you below!

Enjoy xoxo J.Lea


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