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Burberry: A Designer Who Inspires

Burberry has been a front runner in the fashion game since the late 1800’s. This years NYFW showcase proved that they aren’t going anywhere. Showing their elite audience one of the most amazing fall collections yet! There designs originally catered to primarily outdoor attire, and has since expanded to high fashion and accessories. The famous plaid printed scarves, quilted sport coats and structured trenches have become worldwide fashion essentials.

Although we all LOVE Burberry’s classic and quality items, it doesn’t meant that we always LOVE Burberry’s classic price tags $$$$

If you are looking to purchase your first Burberry item, I recommend that you choose one of the staple pieces in order to get the utmost wear out of it. Such as a neutral colored trench or one of the famous plaid scarves.

For the more impractical fashion forward items, try and find look -a-likes online! You can always get that put together look for less!

  • Check out the items above in the post to show how you can always get the full Burberry inspired look!

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Burberry Fall Essentials

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