Just go with the FLOAT.

In pools around the world you can find floats that resemble pretty much any object you can think of these days; swans, pizzas, pineapples and even the clever p**p emoji! Like most Albertan’s who don’t conveniently have an ultra modern Kardashion style pool to float around in all 15 days of our joyful summer, I still wanted to get in on the float action! So this past weekend my family planned what was supposed to be a casual 3 hour float down our local river, where I would elegantly ride my brand new flamingo floatie alongside 10 dinghy’s without a hitch….

2 Coolers of Beer, 3 half-deflated dinghy’s and 5 1/2 hours later we arrived at our stop, despite everyone being exhausted from paddling and dodging hazardous McLoed river rocks, we all made it in one piece. (Including my flamingo float!) I am thankful I ordered the flamingo float with a bottom on it because some of the bird style floaties only have a tube style base and I would have had some serious leg injures if that were the case on this rocky river float! I was super impressed with the quality, it also made for some great pictures!

Above*I have linked some of my favorite floats! Enjoy xoxo J.Lea