Gucci Gang

All things Gucci! I’ve linked a super amazing collection of Gucci finds for you guys to check out! Shop blouses, cross-body’s, totes, sunglasses and more… Bloggers everywhere are redefining the definition of street style with this seasons Gucci styles. We can’t wait to see what the 2018 Gucci season will bring! Enjoy! xoxo J.Lea Gucci… Read More Gucci Gang


Burberry is Love

Splurge Save Splurge Save Splurge Save Burberry: A Designer Who Inspires Burberry has been a front runner in the fashion game since the late 1800’s. This years NYFW showcase proved that they aren’t going anywhere. Showing their elite audience one of the most amazing fall collections yet! There designs originally catered to primarily outdoor attire,… Read More Burberry is Love


It’s Tote-ally Purse-onal

We all have that one Tote Purse that carries your entire life in it. Complaining about how heavy it is while internally justifying every item inside and how it is absolutely essential to your daily survival.Commonly containing file folders, gym clothes, diapers or a compilation of all of the above, these over-sized handbags come in… Read More It’s Tote-ally Purse-onal


Just go with the FLOAT.

SHOP: Floaties. In pools around the world you can find floats that resemble pretty much any object you can think of these days; swans, pizzas, pineapples and even the clever p**p emoji! Like most Albertan’s who don’t conveniently have an ultra modern Kardashion style pool to float around in all 15 days of our joyful… Read More Just go with the FLOAT.


Always WINNING in a Graphic Tee

CLICK HERE TO SHOP THE FULL COLLECTION! Graphic Tee’s are back from the 90’s with some serious vengeance. These cheeky tops feature sayings of almost anything you can possibly think of on the front of them, some even expressing controversial  individualistic opinions and views. At last seasons New York Fashion Week,more graphic tee’s where spotted not only on… Read More Always WINNING in a Graphic Tee


Longing for the long weekend!

Summer weekdays can make you feel like Friday just couldn’t come soon enough. This is especially true for me on LONG weekends!  Check out my curated collection of long weekend essentials! Enjoy, xoxo J.LEA Wishing everyone a happy and safe August long! LOVESTRENGTH DAYTON HIP BELT IN COGNAC $103 $40 WOMEN’S MADEWELL SOFTPLAID FRINGE SCARF$59.50 $38.90 WOMEN’S… Read More Longing for the long weekend!